Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Is the Emerging Church Movement? Part 2

[This post is an edited version of what Justin Taylor wrote in a post linked at the bottom of this post. I have added some new information and links that I obtained from Wikipedia.]
A recent document entitled “Response to Recent Criticism“ (2005) was signed by:
(1) Tony Jones [national coordinator of Emergent in the US; Ph.D. candidate at Princeton].
(2) Doug Pagitt [pastor of Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis].
(3) Spencer Burke [founder of], former pastor, founder of The Ooze website, "dedicated to the emerging Church culture" and which has "developed a community that captures the ethos of the emerging church movement."
(4) Brian McLaren [founding pastor and minister-at large of Cedar Ridge Community Church outside Baltimore].
(5) Dan Kimball [pastor of Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz], and author of the book, The Emerging Church.
(6) Andrew Jones [founder of].
(7) Chris Seay [pastor of Ecclesia of Houston] and the founder of University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.

It seems safe to say that these seven guys are among Emergent’s most significant influencers and leaders.

(For what it's worth: I've had lunch twice with Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt, and some email exchanges with Andrew Jones and Dan Kimball.)

[Click here to see Justin's original post from 11/17/2005.]

Currently other cited leaders of the Emergent Church can be seen here. They are listed below.

(8) Ivy Beckwith [of Colonial Church of Edina; Edina, MN].
(9) Tim Conder [Pastor of Chapel Hill Bible Church; Chapel Hill, NC].
(10) Tim Keel [Pastor of Jacob's Well; Kansas City, MO].
(11) Holly Rankin Zaher [of Christ Church; Mount Pleasant, SC].

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