Saturday, May 13, 2006

Concerns Regarding the Emerging Church Movement? Part 1

As I have been trying to define the Emergent/Emerging Church through these posts I hope you can tell that I was trying to be fairly objective in what I was writing…

I was trying to understand and gain a clear understanding of the following:
(1) Current reality of the size, ecclesiology, and leadership of the movement.
(2) The historical context
(3) Comparison to other movements
(4) The Emergent/Emerging Church Movement's priorities
(5) Other Characteristics of the movement.

I’m sure there is much more that could be said to lay out an understanding of the entire thing. Honestly, since this movement is an organism it can evade many definitions, but we must attempt to have an understanding of it's breadth.

So the question remaining is, “Why do I care?” Well, I think we should care because this movement I believe is limiting the clear communication of the gospel!

Honestly, when I look at their qualities from my last post (What is the Emerging Church Movement? Part 7) I think to myself… “self, these qualities are amazingly radical, and Christ exalting.” However, when you begin to look at the theological teaching that is so ingrained in what they teach in the midst of their missional living there are some major RED FLAGS and CONCERNS as to how clear the gospel is communicated. This directly impacts whether or not what they do exalts Christ. I believe that what the full counsel of what the Bible teaches is not clearly, and correctly taught within much of this movement.

Please continue to follow my posting as I will now move from a defining stage to a stage of pointing out concerns regarding the Emergent/Emerging Church movement.

In Christ

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