Friday, May 12, 2006

What Is the Emerging Church Movement? Part 6

[This post is an edited version of what Justin Taylor wrote in a post linked at the bottom of this post.]

One way to understand the self-described goals of Emergent is to read the Order and Rule of the Emergent Village. At, they write that “Members of emergent hold in common four values and practices that flow from them.” I will list these four values, along with some distinctives beneath them, encouraging you to go to the website to see this unpacked:
(1) Commitment to God in the Way of Jesus
(a) Great Commandment (love God, love neighbor)
(b) Holistic gospel
(c) Generous orthodoxy

(2) Commitment to the Church in all its Forms
(a) Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal
(b) Irenic and inclusive, not elitist and critical
(c) "Deep ecclesiology”

(3) Commitment to God’s World
(a) Practice faith missionally—following Christ into the world

(4) Commitment to One Another
(a) Growing, global, generative, and non-exclusive friendship.

We could summarize this core commitments as: (1) pro-Jesus, (2) pro-church, (3) pro-world, and (4) pro-Koinonia.

Click here to see the original post Justin Taylor wrote on this on 11/17/2005.

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