Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Emergent Church and Open Theism

Are these two theological/ecclesiological/etc. movements connected?

They aren't exactly holding hands, but there is what appears to be a certain amount of support for Open Theism from the Emergent church (If you are curious more about what these two views are just ask me sometime...I'd be happy to elaborate).

Gregory Boyd's book Is God to Blame (IVP) has a review in support of it from an Emergent/Emerging Church leader named Erwin McManus. This is concerning.

Here is what the McManus' review says:
"Greg Boyd addresses what may be the single most asked question among skeptics and seekers. Many without Christ are still waiting for us to respond with an intelligent answer. Greg provides an apologetic that actually makes sense about an issue that really matters!"
—Erwin Raphael McManus, Lead Pastor, Mosaic, Los Angeles

I discussed in an earlier post the Emerging/Emergent Church leaders lean toward denying inerrancy and from this review it looks like Emergent might embrace (somewhat) open theism.

Be very careful when approaching things Emergent/Emerging Church related.

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