Thursday, May 31, 2007


Here’s an interesting poem I came across recently…it’s on the inside of Maria Schneider’s album Allegresse. I think it was written to describe the tune by the same name on the album.

Laurie Frink, June 23, 1998
Flowing Pouring
Sailing Soaring
Searching Learning
Yearning Churning

Melodies Painful
Sounds of Tearing
Souls Tormented
Tortured Baring

Living Fearing
Searing Hearing
Creeping Leaping
Flying Dying

Rhythms Hoping
Harmonies Groping
Compared Despaired

Lives Entwined
Behind Combined
Clutching Touching
Grasping Rasping

Ever Moving
Forward Surging
Stalling Inward
Outward Purging

Shouting Screaming
Demon Dreaming
Wanting Needing
Doubting Conceding

Ginger Peeling
Gentle Healing
Hopeful Posing
Final Closing

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