Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Martino and Sco!

Check out this video of John Scofield (g) playing w/ Pat Martino (g), Joey DeFrancesco (o), and Byron Landham (d). Martino on the head actually sounds quite a bit like Wes Montgomery. Wow!


Ryan said...

Hey Noah! Remember that time we kidnapped you, through you in the back of a van, and drove you to a Pat Martino concert?! Remember that time?!

Incidently, one of my profs here at Illinois was in the studio with Scofield a couple of weeks ago--new album sometime soon.....

Noah Braymen said...

How could I forget! Someone would have really gotten hurt if I didn't figure out that you guys were actually my friends lol!

Who's your prof? Is Sco doing an ensemble album??

Yeah, I'm so far out of the jazz loop it's crazy. I just heard that Michael Brecker died a short time ago last week!

It would be a lot of fun to jam sometime again! Right now I'm focusing on learning so that I can be effective for Christ. When seminary is done I look forward to writing some music again. I'm looking forward to worshipping the Lord on that day! What a jam session that will be!

Later brother!

In Christ