Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Diagnosis of the Church

I was catching up with a good friend Rob Young last night and he had a diagnosis for many folks in the church today, and it really popped out to me...
"Our churches are full of Arminians that live like hyper-Calvinists."
I concur!

There are over 400 listings in the phone book for self claiming "Christian" churches in Des Moines, Iowa [not all of these are gospel churches...and I didn't count the LDS/Mormon listings]. Can you imagine what would happen if they were preaching and living the gospel?? I think the Des Moines area would be transformed!

Do any of the pastors that agree with each other on the gospel (e.g. PCA, LCMS, EFCA, SBC, Sovereign Grace...etc.) know their brothers in other denominations? If they don't...what's their plan for reaching this city for Christ??

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