Friday, June 01, 2007

What is Iowa State University’s Beef??

ISU’s new football coach wants to hire a chaplain as full time staff. And according to WHO TV’s article, Petition Opposes ISU Football Chaplain, “More than 100 faculty members have signed a petition, opposing the idea.”

What is up with ISU’s “faculty”? Also, notice that, “Private donations have fund [sic.] the position, which Coach Gene Chizik would like to make permanent.” So why do the ISU faculty care? Notice PRIVATE DONATIONS. Besides the football program basically runs off of private donations called "ticket sales" anyhow.

With all the robberies, muggings, assaults, etc. that the football players have committed in the last few years I’d think most would welcome a chaplain. “ISU athletic director Jamie Pollard supports the idea, saying student-athletes under a lot of stress should have access to spiritual guidance if they want it.”

And once again our antagonist is…guess who…just guess…yup, professor of religious studies Hector Avalos. He said, “Are you going to have counseling for Jewish students? Muslim students? There's no such thing as one religion or one version of Christianity." Really?

Also, the ACLU is getting in on the action check this article out if you're interested, ACLU Asks ISU To Reject Chaplain Plan.

I loved what one football player had to say, "I think we need to get Christ back in sports. Chizik was hired to do a job... and that's one thing they're passionate about, as am I."

Any thoughts??


Heather said...

Wow. Leave it to Iowa State. In fact, I would submit that ISU's problem derives from the nature of its being ISU. Of course, as a U of I grad, I'm a little biased...

Seriously, though, this really is a sad commentary on where society is (spiritually) these days. Thanks for an interesting--if sobering--post!

Shane Vander Hart said...

The objections don't surprise me, but I think it is a great idea. I think many college professors don't know what to do with themselves if they are not protesting something.

Tim Reineke said...

It is quite sad. From the proposed SORP earlier this year to the Gonzales denial of tenure to the opposition to having a free chaplain, I have become increasingly disillusioned with Iowa State University this year. :(