Thursday, June 22, 2006

Urgent Prayer Request: Rosebud Mission Trip...

Lindsey and I received this email today...please read it...
Dear Beloved Sisters:

"I am sending this to you with much emotion.
Our daughter ----- is on a missions trip with a group of approximately 16 students and 5 leaders [With Valley Church]
in Rosebud, South Dakota.
They left Saturday morning and are scheduled to return
Friday night @ 7 p.m.

This has been a very, very challenging trip.
The Indian children are angry, aggressive and disrespectful
to the group.

Everyday when the group arrives
they are pelted with stones, mud and profanity. This is a menacing situation.
Brandon Mick is the Team Leader and goes ahead of the
group and tells the kids to throw stones at him,
God Bless him, and he has taken a number of hard hits.

Yet, Glory to God, they persevere.
The Indian children say to them each night, 'we know you won't come back tomorrow, you will leave like everyone else.' But because of their love for God and compassion for the children,
these courageous Warriors have made the decision to be Salt & Light and endure and persevere. May they be an example to all of us.

They have asked for help from the Pastor there, but he will not for fear of what will happen to him.
I told ------ that God has something HUGE to do there. Before they ever left for South Dakota they were running into logistical difficulties, they lost their housing and food plans and had a tire blow out on the van on the way up there.
The evil one has tried to stop them, but the love for their Lord gives them strength.

I have 3 requests....

(1) If you do not belong to Valley Church, please
contact your prayer chain and ask for God's protection
and His strength for these awesome kids.
Pray that God's Will is accomplished here.

(2) This group gets home Friday night @ 7:00 pm
I am asking as many Valley Church attenders to come to the Valley parking lot @ approx. ! 6:30 and welcome these weary Warriors home, to thank them and give
Glory to God.

(3) Will you please take some time to call everyone from your ABF's and ask them to show up and support these kids.
They are in such need of it. Call as many Valley people as you can and ask each one to call another and as you do, please pray with them and ask them to pray with the people they call for God's protection, strength and Will.

When I talked to Sami she was strong, but her voice was shaky.
I cannot express in words how much I respect and admire these brave kids that God has blessed us with.

They answered the Holy Call
We need to "hold their arms up" for the Good and Righteous Fight.

In His Power and Love,

Since we have planned with our ABF to be at the Rosberg's Friday a majority of us cannot be there to welcome these kids please pray for them, and I would encourage you all to write a note or do something to extend the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to Brandon Mick [who's a good friend] and his team!

If you're interested in following some posts on the Rosebud mission trip go the High School Ministries blog.

In Christ

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