Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blue Like Jazz book reviews

Have you ever heard of the book Blue Like Jazz?

Here are some book reviews on a really popular Christian book right now...and a quick quote from each one [I've edited for clarity]...

(1) 9 Marks Review
"The postmodern convert who comes to Christ the friendly listener [who Jesus is represented as in the book] has yet to meet the authentic Jesus. He’s met the aspects of Jesus that are most comforting to contemporary Westerners, but he has never experienced the stripping bare of all fleshly dignity before the reigning king of the universe. And this nakedness before God is necessary for salvation...Likely, right now someone in your church is reading Blue Like Jazz or some similar book. It will resonate with them in style and content—it is cool and Christian. And it is extremely unhelpful...The first is to reintroduce young Christians to the biblical Jesus: the person who died an agonizing death for their sins, who will tread the winepress of the wrath of God, and who listens to their prayers. The second is to begin the battle against the cool..."

(2) Christian Blogger Tim Challies' Review

He starts...
I found that I enjoyed this book more than I thought I might. That is not to say it is without its problems, and without some serious problems at that. But I enjoyed the rambling, conversational tone of the book, even if it is a little difficult to follow at times....

He ends...
"It is strange, that having come to the end of this review I am far less enthusiastic about the book than I was in reading it and in reflecting on it afterwards. While I can say that I did receive some benefit from reading it, I would be hesitant to recommend it to others. There is some value to be found, but one has to dig deep beneath layers of rambling untruth and poor theology to find them. There are many other books that contain far more treasure than this."

(3) Crosswalk's Review
"...autobiographical musings of a young man who found his way from the “fever swamps” of "fundamentalism" to the “high country” of non-judgmental relationism. It disarms with a tone of candor and self-deprecation. There are nuggets of insight and gratifying quotes here and there, and your heart goes out to a fellow in his struggles. Up to a point, that is. In the end, I found the book to be a dreadful (though canny) mess."

It also describes it as...
(a) Blue like Blue States.
(b) Blue like Blue-Light Special.
(c) Blue like Blue Blood.
(d) Blue like Berri Blue Jell-O.
(e) Blue like Black and Blue.
(f) Blue like Working Blue.
(g) Blue like Pabst Blue Ribbon.
(h) Blue like Blue Ice.
(i) Blue like Blue Screen.

This quote stuck out to me as a jazz musician..."Miller is intrigued with jazz, its “freedom” and “lack of resolution.” Actually, the improvisational freedom of jazz operates within boundaries and gives way to clear resolution." I have to say that Mark Coppenger [the reviewer] is spot on correct in regards to Jazz!

Any of you have ideas on this??

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