Monday, June 05, 2006

Boyz II Men...

Vitamin Z cites three areas in life that the church currently teaches boys to become men in which is completely wrong.
1. Athletic Ability
2. Sexual Conquest
3. Economic Success

I agree that these areas do not define what a godly man is, and if this is really what the church is teaching boys then there's a problem, but is this the whole picture???

This is from a recent article written by Anthony Bradley called: “Wisdom from 'Joe'--Sex, Money, Good Grades, Good Job--The False Masculinity of an Emasculated America (what's the church's response?)

I found this article a little troubling…here are the comments I posted on Vitamin Z's blog.
Personally I found this article to be bitter and angry...not compassionate and sharing the truth in love...furthermore not very helpful. This kind of ranting happens way to much in "good theology" circles. Why can't folks who are analytical, and see problems in the church point it out in humility, compassion and love instead of angst.

I understand what the writer was saying, but there has got to be a better way to communicate it. Also...the the descriptor "feminization" shouldn't be used so much that it becomes an actual insult the feminine (namely the women).

There are problems in the doubt...I'm aware that our culture and many churches don't teach boys how to become men, but I hardly found THIS article edifying...just complaining and tearing down. Creating division. And painting a few ministries with disrespectfully wide strokes. Generalizing like this is not's what the Emergent Church often does...and in response I and others do the same to them.

Thought provoking article though.

In Christ

What do you all think of this article?!?!?!?!?!?

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jwd said...

Yeah, this guy comes across as rather harsh & worked up, but I think he makes some good points representative as the church as a whole, not just men. We all too often settle for the superficial life - how we look to others on the outside instead of how God is changing us from the inside out.

I think he's out of his mind when he says things like "No church is raising guys to be prepared to die for the Kingdom. No church is raising guys live radical lives in the way of Jesus. ... No church talks to guys like this while they grow up. No, not even one". That's a bunch of absolutist babble.

I think he's justified in talking about "feminization." What's wrong with wanting men to be men? There are distinct differences between men and women that should be celebrated and cultivated. We shouldn't be trying to turn our men into women or women into men.

The three stages he describes are pretty much right on, at least from my experience. I don't think the church is really teaching those things (what's the problem with organizations like FCA that target "jocks") but I think they are often teaching superficial things such as abstinence and a good work ethic rather than a changed heart through the blood of Christ (which causes the growth of fruit such as abstinence and a good work ethic).