Monday, June 12, 2006

Free Online Classes from Covenant Seminary

Covenant Worldwide:

"Covenant Worldwide's mission is to provide ready access to grace-centered, high-quality theological training by minimizing the barriers of distance, cost, and language. This mission recognizes our part in stewarding the resources of theological education to the Church, which is growing most rapidly in areas of the world where ministry training is often least available." "You may download, use and share courseware at no charge for non-commercial purposes. Lectures are in MP3 format, and study guides are available as PDFs. The lectures are currently available in English but are being transcribed to facilitate the translation of these materials into multiple languages."

· Ancient & Medieval Church History
· Apologetics & Outreach
· Biblical Theology
· Calvin's Institutes
· Christian Ethics
· Christian Worship
· Francis A. Schaeffer: The Early Years
· Francis A. Schaeffer: The Later Years
· God & His Word
· God's World Mission
· Hebrews to Revelation
· Humanity, Christ & Redemption
· Life & Letters of Paul
· Life & Teachings of Jesus
· New Testament History
· Old Testament History
· Psalms & Wisdom Books
· Reformation & Modern Church History
· Spirit, Church, & Last Things
· Youth Ministry

If you've ever wanted to learn more here's your free opportunity!

[HT: Justin Taylor]

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