Monday, June 12, 2006


[Also from Justin Taylor's blog]

You can get a lot of good training and information through the free online courses at Their aim is to provide "the finest in Christian evangelical teaching to the world, for free, forever."

Courses linked below are free and ready to go. (You have to register to access them.) Courses that are not linked are awaiting funding.
· Old Testament Survey: Dr. Douglas Stuart
· Old Testament Theology: Dr. Paul House
· Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels...Dr. Robert Stein
· Introduction to the New Testament: Acts-Revelation...Dr. Robert Stein
· New Testament Theology: Dr. Frank Thielman
· Biblical Hermeneutics: Dr. Robert Stein
· Systematic Theology I: Dr. Bruce Ware
· Systematic Theology II: Dr. Bruce Ware
· Church History I (Pentecost up to the Reformation): Dr. Gerald Bray
· Church History II (Reformation to present): Dr. Gerald Bray
· World Mission of the Church: Dr. Timothy Tennent
· Educational Ministry of the Church: Dr. Gary Parrett
· Worship: Dr. Gary Parrett
· Spiritual Formation
· Pastoral Theology: Dr. John Piper
· Greek Tools for Bible Study: Dr. William Mounce
· Biblical Greek: Dr. William Mounce
· Hebrews: Dr. George Guthrie
· Christian Apologetics: Dr. Ronald Nash
· Martin Luther: Dr. Gordon Isaac
· Christian Ethics: Dr. Ronald Nash
· Advanced Worldview Analysis: Dr. Ronald Nash
· History of Philosophy and Christian Thought: Dr. Ronald Nash
· Contemporary World Missions: Dr. Timothy Tennent
· Theology of Mission: Dr. Peter Kuzmic
· Introduction to Islam: Dr. Timothy Tennent
· Introduction to Buddhism: Dr. Timothy Tennent
· Introduction to Hinduism: Dr. Timothy Tennent

Once again if you ever want to learn more here's your free opportunity!


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