Thursday, June 29, 2006

Al Mohler's Radio Show 6/28/06...

You have to check out yesterdays Al Mohler radio program...

Here’s a quick rundown of topics…

(1) What’s going on in Prebyterianism?? (Guest is Ligon Duncan III)

(2) Why don’t protestants recognize the Apocrypha as Scripture, while Roman Catholics do?

(3) Ann Coulter’s new book The Church of Liberalism: Godless (this has some arrogant and terrible things written in it, but the thesis is reminscent of J. Gresham Machen's Christianity and Liberalism).
a. Secular liberalism is a religion
b. Their Sacrament is abortion
c. Public Schools are their temples
d. John Dewey a founder in the Common School (Public Schools) movement. Here’s a few quotes from Mohler’s essay Needed: An Exit Strategy regarding Dewey’s intentions:
“Educational leaders like John Dewey saw the public schools, often called the 'common' schools, as the mechanism for indoctrinating children into a new democratic faith. The worldviews and eccentricities of the various ethical and national backgrounds would be erased and a new melting pot of Americans would emerge. Dewey, the most influential shaper of the public schools in America, understood that the success of his effort would require children to be liberated from the prejudices and values of their parents."

"In his book, A Common Faith, Dewey advocated a radically secular vision for the public schools and the larger public culture. His concept of a humanistic faith, stripped of all supernatural claims, doctrines, and theological authorities, would replace Christianity as the dominant culture-shaping worldview. 'Here are all the elements for a religious faith that shall not be confined to sect, class, or race,' he claimed. 'Such a faith has always been the common faith of mankind. It remains for us to make it explicit and militant.'”

(4) Does Calvinism state fatalistically that God saves some and determines not to save others?

(5) If a person denies that faith alone is sufficient for salvation, is it possible for that person be saved?

(6) Those who are called to teach will face a more strict judgment.

Needless to say an great and interesting radio show!

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