Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Systematic Theology...woohoo!

In the latest RTS newsletter it mentions "RTS PROFESSOR WRITES NEW BOOK"

Here's what the rest of the article states...
"Dr. John Frame publishes a new book on systematic theology, Salvation Belongs to the Lord; an Introduction to Systematic Theology. It is a survey of Reformed systematic theology, summarizing biblical teaching in all major doctrinal areas and tying them together under the concept of divine Lordship. William Edgar said of the Salvation Belongs to the Lord, “John Frame is not only one of the most productive theologians of our day, he is also one of the most lucid. . . We may be grateful for such a powerful and clear exposition of the whole range of theology.” The book is published by P&R Publishers and is due out June 2006."

Dr. Frame will sign copies of the book ordered through the newsletter. The retail price of the book is $24.99 plus shipping and the RTS Orlando Bookstore is offering it at a 30% discount. You can reserve your copy now from the RTS bookstore by clicking here and selecting the Orlando bookstore.

Needless to say there is another addition to my book list today:)

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