Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sessions IX, X, and XI: Membership Matters 1 Part 1

[Mark Dever 7:00pm Friday evening 9/14/07]
The first installment of this was walking through the CHBC Statement of Faith (Articles I through XVIII). They have systematized these in such a way that they can clearly articulate how CHBC is similar or different in comparison with almost every kind of church that is out there. They have four consecutive categories of doctrine that they walk through: (1) Historically Christian, (2) Evangelical/Protestant, (3) Congregational, and (4) Baptist. This was really helpful in clarifying an understanding of exactly how CHBC compares doctrinally with almost all other traditions of churches.

[Matt Schmucker 8:00pm Friday evening 9/14/07]
Matt did an excellent job walking the class attenders through the CHBC covenant. He gave fluid real life examples of many of the things in the covenant.

[Mark Dever 9:00pm Friday evening 9/14/07]
This was the last session for the day. Mark walked the attendees through his "five reasons" of why to join a church:

(1) Join a church for non-Christians (for the sake of non-Christians).
(2) Join a church for weaker Christians.
(3) Join a church for the sake of stronger Christians.
(4) Join a church for the sake of church leaders.
(5) Join a church for the sake of God.

These summaries are pretty poor. As I have said a lot in other posts. You really need to sign up to come out and experience this some time. If you want to debate any of these points you could bring them up face to face;^)

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