Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Session XVIII: Debriefing and Comments

[Mark and the 9Marks staff 9:00am Monday morning 9/17/07]

They passed a microphone around the room to all the attendees two times. Once for one thing they didn't like about the conference, and another for one thing they found helpful about the conference. It was humbling to see how God had used the past five days to feed these men, and it was amazing how much energy they gave us all as they were here.

You should really consider coming to this in the future. Registration always fills up quickly...but if you can get in you will be blessed. I can't necessarily speak for every conference, but there were some good give-aways at this...namely, books (The Deliberate Church, 9Marks of A Healthy Church, Polity, Mark's new book on Personal Evangelism, the booklets By Whose Authority, A Display of God's Glory, and What is a Healthy Church). Also, a 9Marks T-shirt...in addition to cheap books on the book stall and some excellent fellowship.

Praise God for how He has used 9marks in my life and many of these pastors' lives!


-M said...

Bummer...we didn't get the T-Shirts in February. :(

Oh well, that doesn't detract from how wonderful an experience it was to partake of this event. I hope to bring back some fellow layleaders from my church someday so that they can enjoy the blessings available from the experience.

Having had the experience, I know you (Noah) worked hard to help make the weekender a success for those attending and I thank the Lord for your service. May God richly bless your time at CHBC.

Noah Braymen said...

Thanks brother!

In Christ,