Saturday, September 15, 2007

Going To Bed...

[Noah Braymen signing off at 1:15am Friday evening 9/14/07/Saturday morning 9/15/07]

Weekenders are gruelling! It was an awesome way. The wireless internet was down at the church building today so I couldn't post this stuff as the conference was going. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get some stuff posted online over lunch to slow the onslaught of material.

There are lectures going on constantly...and there is rarely a spare minute. I hope to post some pictures in the near future as well. This makes the Desiring God National Conference look like a cake walk in terms of how busy the attendees are:^) And it goes for 5 days...not 3!

But now, it's late and I'm tired...until tomorrow, if the Lord should give us another day!

In Christ

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