Tuesday, September 18, 2007

9Marks/CHBC Weekender Recap

Here is a compilation of links of the posts that I did from the sessions at the Weekender.

Day 1: 9/13/07
Session I: Orientation
Day 2: 9/14/07
Session II: Elder Meeting Q & A
Session III: Church Timeline ’93 Through Present
Session IV: CHBC Children’s Ministry
Session V: Core Seminar Overview
Session VI: Personal Discipleship & Small Groups
Session VII: Internship Program & Selecting Elders Part 1
Session VII: Internship Program & Selecting Elders Part 2
Session VIII: Service Planning Lecture
Sessions IX, X, & XI: Membership Matters 1
Day 3: 9/15/07
Session XII: Membership Matters 2 Part 1 “Church History, John the Baptist to Capitol Hill Baptist
Breakout Session I: International Missions
Session XIII: Membership Matters 2 Part 2 “What is the SBC?” Breakout Session II: 9 Marks and Church Q & A
Session XIV: Membership Matters 2 Part 3 “Nuts & Bolts”
Session XV: Q & A with Deacons and Non-Staff Elders
Supper with Staff Families
Session XVI: Sermon Preparation
Day 4: 9/16/07
Session XVII: Lord’s Day!
Day 5: 9/17/07
Session XVIII: Debriefing & Comments


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great overview, Noah. I'm sure it will help generate some questions and discussion as I report to the other leaders at my church about the weekend. Also, thanks again for the ride to the airport.
Rick, Kenosha, WI

Greg Linscott said...


It was a pleasure meeting you this weekend. What a blessing it must be for you to be learning and serving as a member of CHBC!

Greg Linscott

Noah Braymen said...

Brother Rick,

Man, it was great to have you. It was fun to drive that big van with all of you to the airport. May the Lord bless your church!

In Christ,

Noah Braymen said...

Brother Greg,

It was a pleasure to meet you as well! CHBC certainly has been a blessing. I hope that the Lord is pleased with our efforts! Also, thanks for the link from your blog. I will pray for you as you seek the Lord's will in your future! I'll pray that you might find your joy in Him. May He be gracious to you!

In Christ,