Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Session XVII: Lord's Day!

[CHBC 9:00am Sunday morning 9/16/07]

The weekenders arrived for core seminars to begin on Sunday morning at 9:30am...but every Sunday we gather as interns with the leaders of the church to pray over the day to come. At 9:30am the leaders of the various core seminar classes made an announcement (e.g. Evangelism Class: Sovereignty and Human Responsibility, OT Overview: 2nd half of Genesis [I think], Church History: Constantine and Controversies, etc.). After this we all went to our core seminars.

Then the regular church service began at 10:30am and ended around 12:30 am. Mark preached on Luke 17 (the four points were (1) Faith & Sin verses 1-4, (2) Faith & Obedience verses 5-10, (3) Faith & Salvation verses 11-19, and (4) Faith & the Future verses 12-37). It was a good sermon.

Lindsey and I went on a bike ride in the afternoon, and then the next session began on Sunday at 5:00pm which was an elders meeting to take care of any other business that they didn't cover in the elder's meeting on Thursday. Then we went to the evening service at 6:00pm in which we prayed a lot and saw Adam Grusy preach an excellent sermon from Genesis 19.

After this we attended the member's meeting (in which Lindsey and I were voted into the membership here) that went from approximately 8:00pm to 10:00pm. It was a great meeting (resignations and members joining totalled approximately 60 people). Then we all went downstairs for service review...this is when we look over every aspect of our corporate worship throughout the day. Commenting chronologically on service leading, hymns, preaching, etc. This ended around midnight I believe.

It was a very full day, but an excellent one!

[I had a great conversation with some pastors from Quebec afterward about local church training of pastors. Sounds much more biblical than our current system of pastoral education based in seminaries. I hope to learn more about it in the future;)]

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