Saturday, September 15, 2007

Session III: Church Timeline ’93 Through Present

[Matt Schmucker and Mark Dever 10:00am Friday morning 9/14/07]

This was a great time to hear about many aspects of CHBC. It helped the weekenders understand how CHBC grew into the biblical description of how a healthy church functions. CHBC is by no means perfect, but it is is biblically healthy in many ways. I’m sorry I can’t share a lot more, but if you want to know more register for a future Weekender. There was a lot of confidential information that I can’t share…so get here sometime…if you don’t you’re missing out! :^)

After this 9Marks treated us all to a great lunch of subs sandwiches. During this lunch we went around the entire room and every weekender was able to share their name, where they are from, and a little bit about their ministry background. It was great!

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