Monday, July 10, 2006

Television Show "24"

This show is downright intense. Lindsey and I borrowed the first season from the Dyvigs and 16 hours later we don't quite know what to think. It was good, but since we're at a good stopping point I don't really care to watch 32 more hours to get caught up with the most current season. If you watch it from week to week I'm sure it's fun though. It's just way too addictive for such large amounts of time.

The show is very well's really fairly believable and the special effects and acting are pretty good. The pictures below are the only scene that had a flaw [That I saw]...I'll add commentary to help:) BTW...I'm making up the commentary:)

Jack: "I know those dirty rotten terrorists are around here somewhere. There were a total of seven and I've killed five so I know it's just us three...where could those other two be!?"

Jack: "Wait, what's that??...I sense something!"

Jack: "Nothing 3 o'clock to my right..."

Jack: "Nothing 1 o'clock to my right..."

Set Crew Guy with a clear face shield and blue top on his head [Whispering]: "Jack the two terrorists are on the next dock. Look to 12 o'clock in front of you"

Jack: "AHHHH!!!!! [Thinking 2 things at the same time (1) Where did that guy come from? (2) The terrorists are at 12 o'clock!]"

Jack: "Take That!!!!!"

Two Terrorists: "Dang it...the set crew gave us away again!"

Jack: "Whew...wait a minute...where'd that guy go?? He must have been an angel...I'll just keep shooting!"

Sorry if I gave anything away:) I just thought it was funny that the set crew guy was in the scene! Maybe he was supposed to be an angel?? You never know...the writers of this show are pretty unpredictable. They certainly boast that:)



Geoff said...

There's more to it that doesn't quite work. For example, they time the whole show as you know, each showing taking up a 1 hour period. The problem with this is they just time it from the time it starts until the time it's over, including commercials. So, everyone is at a certain place, doing a certain thing and it's commercial time. The timer comes on, 8:45:23 for example. Then 4 minutes later or so, 8:49:54, yet every one is exactly in the same spots as they were 4 and a half minutes ago, as if the clock kept rolling but the rest of world froze.

Also, in the last episode of the season that just ended a month or so ago, sure it's the last show so you have to show a lot but they continue with the clock thing and Jack's in one place and 5 minutes later, according to the clock, he's somewhere which would have taken at least an hour to get to.

I don't care. I think the show's sweet action as far as TV goes. I just think it's funny that they are so consistent with the clock even when it's obvious that more time has passed or that no time whatsoever has passed.

Noah Braymen said...

Right on... I hadn't thought of that. LOL...