Monday, July 03, 2006

Superman Returns...(Warning this post is a possible Spoiler)

[FYI Warning!!! If you read this post and haven't seen the movie it may spoil some things.]

Lindsey and I saw this movie last weekend. I thought it was alright. I had a few problems with it though.
(1) That the whole relationship thing w/ Cyclops from X-men and Lois. You know I don't know that actor's name, but he is definitely falling into a type cast situation with his acting roles. He is always a good guy who never gets the girl...e.g. X-men movies, Spidey 2, The Notebook, and now Superman Returns. Sheesh!

(2) If Superman is such a great guy how are we supposed to explain his sleeping with Lois before marriage (and no intent for marriage), and depending on your morals how about his leaving her after the one night stand or whatever? With this plot line Superman is getting himself in deep doo doo if you ask me.

If Narnia is an allegory of the Biblical Jesus Christ (with a few discrepancies), then Superman Returns is an allegory of the Da Vinci Code (with a few discrepancies).

There were strong allusions to Jesus Christ, but then there was the whole lineage deal, “As the Father becomes the Son, so the Son becomes the Father.” Really if you know anything about Mormon theology it sounds reminiscent of their view on becoming a God ["as man is, God once was; as God is, man may be"] and having your own planet and you and your wife procreating spirit children to inhabit that planet (sounds weird, but it’s truely a theological doctrine of Mormonism!).

I wish they would have started the Superman series over again like they did with Batman Begins. I would say good try, great effects, nice attempt at a contemporary life situation, but they completely missed the mark in terms of the intent of the original idea of Superman's moralistic ideals, and being a gentleman. I always viewed Superman to have a professional relationship with Lois...not this big romantic thing (although in the last 2 decades the romance thing has been written in because the kids that were reading the original as kids grew up and were more interested in that sort of thing). Comics are for action suspense etc. Soap operas are for romance (my dad says that soap operas rot the brain…I have to say I agree…that’s another conversation).

Overall good try, but not as good as I was expecting. Brandon Routh did a good job of acting though, so did Spacey with the Lex Luther character. It was very entertaining though! There are a few scenes that simply ROCK!

Just my 2 cents


Travis said...

Hey Noah, thanks for keeping up on my blog (and some of my old ones too). After I had written that I wished I would have been more clear about what I meant. While I do agree that America (which I assume to be the USA, and not the continent) is incredibly beautiful and I do indeed wish grace to be bestowed upon my fellow citizens of the USA.

What I struggle with though, is that my studying of theology (specifically the Kingdom of God) has led me to seriously consider the interaction of the Church in the USA and our attachment to the nation. It's more of a rambling thought process, and wouldn't make a whole lot of sense via the world wide of web. Feel free to ask me sometime in person and I'll share some of my thoughts.

Travis said...

...and have a good Independence Day. (hit the publish button too soon)