Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mission to Israel: Part II

Here’s another update from Rob Young and his team in Israel.
Hey guys,

We just got back from a place called ------------, where they have excavated a farming area dating back to the 1st century. [Their main contact] G’s daughter was our tour guide. It was a pretty neat place. One thing she did was read several parables, and the village helped to show the context of the parables (e.g. the types of land in the parable of the sower, etc).

We ate out for dinner last night, and I have never in my life been to any place like this before. We went out late, maybe 8:30pm, and the restaurant was empty at first when we got there. Turns out it also doubles as a Houka bar (where people go to smoke tobacco out of water bongs). But it was in a narrow street, typical in the area with another door that opened into a 1700's building built by the Turks, with
stone arches. It was interesting. It had an old empty well inside which a few of us climbed into, and it was full of fraternity-like couches to sit on (they were filthy just like fraternity couches too). Pictures will really be the only way to describe this place. We had about 3-4 kinds of bread and 6-7 types of dipping sauces, and we got to have some duck and lots of the best olives I have ever had (my mouth felt like I had swallowed a salt shaker when we left).

Anyways, we did some more outreach in another small village just outside ----------- this morning, and I got to go with G [their main contact] for the first time, which was good, because no one that the two of us ran into spoke good English. This has been more of a problem in the villages outside ----------. (Why can't everyone here just learn English!?!?)

There will be a Bible study tonight which we have invited many people to, and Saturday will be the main outreach event at which point several of us will be giving testimonies and presenting the gospel.

Up till then we still have several more times of witnessing and planting some seeds. Saturday morning we will also be doing follow-up with our main contacts. Thank you all so much for your prayers. We can definitely tell that people are praying for us, and there is a deep, deep need for truth here.

Looking forward to seeing you!


[I have edited out names, locations, and a few other details]

Please continue to pray for Rob and their team…also their wives/husbands/families back home!

In Christ

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