Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reformed Rap

Linds and I picked up one of the best cd’s I’ve heard in a long time (off the recommendation of Justin Taylor)! This is a rap album…and if you don’t like rap you should start because this album has a strong message, namely Sovereign Grace from God through atonement of Jesus Christ to people who are helpless.

Click here for purchase information, also click here to see Voice's website.

Here’s the refrain from track 6 “All Rap Is
"All rap is, is the lust of the flesh that is easily seen in drugs and sex, and

All rap is, is the lust of the eyes, almost any video can help you realize,

All rap is, is the boasting of what he has and does to how he lives in MTV cribs

I ain’t hatin’ but to me raps the glorification of what led Christ to propitiation."

Check out this interview Voice did with Justin Taylor.

I really like this disc. Just remember if you don't like probably won't like this disc. But if you love truth I have no doubt the Words will minister to you!

[UPDATE: Lindsey caught this. I wrote the words to the chorus incorrectly. Lol... so I updated them:)]

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