Friday, July 21, 2006

Good News... and Upcoming Event!

Good News
(1) A few weeks ago I received an acceptance letter from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Praise the Lord! Thanks for praying [if you have been], and thanks for the encouragement. You might be surprised at some of the reactions I have seen to my applying to SBTS, and the encouragement has been nourishing to Lindsey and my souls. God has brought us to this conclusion [if He works this out to the point that we get there] so we are confident of the plans He has for us.

(2) I received information about the Weekender at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, and Lord willing I'll be out there doing this from September 14-18 this Fall. I won't find out if I'm accepted to the Church Apprenticeship Program there until September. Please pray that if it would please God that He would work this out. If I get the apprenticeship or if I don't, we'll have clear confirmation of the Lord's will either way..."Yes" or "No":) And we trust whatever He answers is what is best for us and most clearly shows His glory.

Upcoming Event
(1) Desiring God Conference: Above All Earthly Powers...The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World. It looks like it's going to be an excellent one. Lord willing we'll be there. We have made reservations and registered...woo hoo! I have been Pod-Casting a bunch of the videos, and it looks like this is going to be a good one for perspective on sharing Christ in a world that believes there's no absolute truth...this reminds me of a chorus from the Voice: Progression cd :
"And the truth of God's word is absolute true, Even though some say there's no Absolute

Ironically they think they're absolutely true, now I'm an idiot, but is that a catch 22

Well whatever it is, don't let it catch some of you. If the Bible's not authority then what will we do?

If what we feel is more real and we go on our tendencies, then look around at what our tendencies tend to be"

This should be a good conference!

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