Friday, March 02, 2007

Projects on the Docket!

  • Infant Salvation: As always, I collect articles and mark up books where they discuss infant salvation. I’m curious what folks have thought throughout history about this. One area that I need to dig more into is the Jewish thought regarding the topic.
  • The Repentance of God [Term Paper for SBTS]: To what extent linguistically or philologically do anthropomorphisms apply to God. When the Bible uses these descriptors of God do they place all the implications on God that they would when they are used in regard to man? [e.g. anger, lying, repent, etc.]
  • The Development of the English Reformation [Term Paper for SBTS]: What primary influences caused the “Church of England” to break away from Roman Catholicism. [I’m not going to write about the inclination of the Anglican Church today to seek communion with the Roman Catholics…but I am curious what the cause of the split originally was (I'm assuming it's the gospel...which the Anglican Church in England has largely lost). It’s amazing how few generations there are between a split and an ignorance of why the split happened…and ultimately falling into unbelief can occur.]
  • Book Review on John Piper’s Counted Righteous in Christ [Book Review for SBTS].

If you have any ideas of some good sources for these topics…please let me know. I’m open to any commentary or sources! As I get some of this done I'll post some of the ideas:) It won't be right away though.

Have a great blizzard...I mean day!

La Ma'an Shmo


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