Monday, March 26, 2007

For the Ladies

Check out these talks from CHBC. They are especially geared toward women. It may be weird, but I’ve listened to almost all of them. They are quite good;)
(1) Mary Mohler The Beauty of Women series [3/24/2007]
Part I: The Beauty of Women
Part II: The Vanity of Worldly Beauty

(2) Christian Sexuality: Women’s Talk Lecture and Q & A [With Michael Lawrence, Mark Dever, Matt Schmucker, and Scott Croft] [3/2/2004]

(3) Biblical Modesty [Lynette Smith, Careen Behrens, Debi Simons, Shelly Pelletier] – Lecture and Q & A [5/11/2004]

(4) Ed Welch Does Thin Equal BeautifulLecture and Q & A [2/3/2006]

(5) Albert Mohler The Nature of True Beauty Lecture and Q & A [11/14/2005]

In case you’re interested the following talks regarding sex are also very good even though they aren’t particularly for women. Sorry for the bait and switch from the title of the post;)
(1) Michael Lawrence The Beauty of Intimacy: Sex, Marriage, and the Gospel [12/5/2006]

(2) Christian Sexuality Men’s Talk [With Michael Lawrence, Mark Dever, Matt Schmucker, and Scott Croft] – Lecture and Q & A [2/17/2004]

(3) Albert Mohler’s series Naked and Not Ashamed: An Evangelical Theology of Sex
Part 1: The Mystery of Marriage [11/11/2001]
Part 2: Reproductive Techniques and Contraception [11/11/2001]
Part 3: The Family and the Culture War [11/11/2001]
Q & A for messages 1-3 [11/11/2001]

Part 4: Homosexuality: Does Gender Matter? [11/12/2001]
Q & A for part 4 [11/12/2001]

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