Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Toilet Ipod Dock

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!


Steve Burlew said...

HA! I like. :-) Not exactly something that Banner of Truth would market ... or would we?

Steve Burlew said...

Hey, how's the current read of Owen coming?

Noah Braymen said...

I hope the Banner wouldn't market that...lol...

Owen is going...slow! I'm in the middle of a semester of Hebrew, Church History II, and a Writing class. Juggling all that and a 40 hour a week job is occupying a ton of my time.

I'm hoping to get ahead/caught up in my classes so that I can spend more time reading Owen again:) Also, I found out that I'm getting 3 more Owen volumes [9, 10, 3?] for my b-day! Woo hoo!

Thanks for asking brother!

In Christ

Steve Burlew said...

No problem, sir. I wish we could get you to Carlisle for the upcoming Ministers' Conference, the end of May! in the meantime, keep pressing on!