Thursday, March 22, 2007

Her Husband's Crown

I’m definitely going to buy this for Linds when it comes out! Check it out! It might be a good one for you to get for your wife, your pastor's wife, or any other lady in your life.

BTW, are there any other books that have been an encouragement to you wives?? If yes, please post the titles/authors.

[I'm not sure if it's a book or just a booklet. Either way it looks great!]

Here's the blurb:
Here's what will be the newest addition to the Banner booklet series - to be released in a few short weeks.
Although much has been written to prepare men for the work of the Christian ministry, there is comparatively little in print that will help prepare the minister’s wife for her role within the church.

The pastor’s wife is neither ‘The First Lady of the Church’, nor just another member of the church. She has certain basic responsibilities laid upon her and this booklet aims to encourage and help her to serve the Lord alongside her husband.

Although written primarily for pastors’ wives, this booklet will encourage Christian wives in general and will stimulate prayer for and support of pastors and their wives everywhere.

[HT: Steve Burlew]

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