Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When It Rains It Pours!

Wow...what a week...sheesh!

Bible study @ work Friday 2/09/2007...I talked to my boss about the "political correctness" of doing a bible study at work. She got back to me later in the day and told me it would be cool if I did. And she told me how I can do it following company guidelines. Pray for her...she's been a great help. Also, a co-worker that is a sister in Christ has set up a conference room for the future after this week. This was a huge help. Praise the Lord for her.

Evangelism @ Post Office Saturday 2/10/2007...I had a 40 minute discussion with Tom at the Waukee Post office about the gospel. We talked about everything from substitutionary atonement to how Christianity helps the government. He wouldn't repent and believe in Jesus, but I made it clear that that is what he must do. I made it clear the Jesus is exclusive in order to experience heaven with the Lord [I posted about it here]. Please pray for him.

Evangelistic Bible study @ work Monday 2/12/2007...I asked around 8 guys to do a Bible study with me here at work. Some were more interested than others...I don't know if most of them are Christians or not...but I felt like God would want me to do this. So it will be an "Evangelistic Bible" study. We will study Mark...and hopefully they will come...and hopefully they will be confronted with who Jesus Christ is. Please pray for them to come and be open to talking about the gospel.

Evangelism to Neighbor Tuesday 2/13/2007...I was out shovelling after work and I got into a conversation with my neighbor. He is Hindu. Anyhow, once again we talked about everything from substitutionary atonement [I didn't use this word though] to whether or not the Hindi faith is exclusive or not. I gave him a Tim Keller talk "Who Is This Jesus" and he wouldn't take it. I explained how I'd listen to anything he would give me. But he kept refusing. The conversation wasn't abraisive but he didn't really respond favorably when I started to explain that the only way to heaven is through Jesus. He said Hinduism believes in Christianity, but I told him it didn't. He didn't like that. Please pray for him and me...that he'd be softened and I would be humble.

Sharpening by/with a Brother Wednesday 2/14/2007...I was involved in a pretty intense discussion about election/predestination with a fellow Christian at work. He clearly doesn't agree with what I have read in the Bible...but that's okay. We're here to sharpen each other...him me, and I him. Please pray for us.

Evangelistic Bible study @ work Thursday 2/15/2007...We start the evangelistic Bible study at work [I'll post more later as to how I came to the conclusion of doing this]. Please pray for us.

Tonight we celebrate Valentine's Day and then I study Hebrew, have a writing assignment to do, etc. This week has been crazy! I've been emotionally high, low, have felt spiritual warfare...and am tired. Praise God for a week well spent!

Soli Deo Gloria

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Sista Cala said...

Let it rain. Rain makes the flowers grow. Rain clears the air. Rain washes the dust off of the lawn furniture. Rain refreshes the water in the ponds. Rain makes way for the rainbow!