Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rick Warren and Gregory Boyd What a Pair!

No offense, but I didn't really hear a clear message about what the gospel is from Rick in this interview...what do you think?

Also, although I agree with some of the things the second interviewee [Gregory Boyd] said about Christians and politics...he's a pretty big "bad theology alert" when it comes to his Open Theism...

Warren and Boyd both think the church is to look like Jesus...unfortunately other than social issues they didn't say too much more about what that really means. What about the exclusivity of the gospel. Warren was cornered on the exclusivity of Christ and he acted like he didn't want to say...I don't think you'd see that in the book of Acts. Warren's brief summation of liberalism and evangelicalism was tragically simplistic.

Also, what do you think all of this talk on the kingdom of God? If Charlie Rose was interviewing you...what would you have said? I posted a response to the NY Times report on the sermon series that Boyd was talking about here a while's interesting that he lost 1,000 members over politics...but when it comes to his heretical doctrine on the openness or non-sovereignty of God they stay. Wow!

Interesting stuff...

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