Saturday, January 13, 2007

Workin' Out: Update #2's been a long time since I posted on how I'm doing with the old work outs. I was working out about 3 x's a week [at least] before Christmas. I was having a difficult time staying motivated because I wasn't seeing any results.

So I have a new strategy that I've been doing for the last two weeks...and I hope to keep increasing the intensity as time goes on and my body adjusts.

I have been running for 30 minutes every the first week I dropped about 4 lbs [from 216lbs. to 212lbs. and one day it was 211lbs.], so this is working alright. I also go down in the middle of the day so that I don't get a 10 minute weight lifting session at the end of the day. It's been great...and since I now have an IPod [thanks mom and dad!] I have been listening to sermons and good music a ton!

I'll post occasionally in the future to let you know what's up w/ my workin' out program:) Oh I also started counting points for weight watchers and that's helped as well! Later!

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