Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hebrew Longa, Vita Brevis!

[I'll explain what I mean by this quote in a later post]

Well, I've been trying to memorize the Hebrew alphabet.

It's been great, but it's challenging. I'm bearing in mind that I won't be able to ever read Hebrew like I can English, but I can get pretty good with practice. Right?

So I've memorized the 23 consonants Aleph through Taw. Now I'm working on the final forms of Beth, Mem, Nun, Pe, and Tsade, and the "begadkephat" letters.

The so I'm moving from memorizing sybols and saying what they are in English to pronouncing the sounds of the letters [starting with the letters with the Daghesh Lene].

I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to start phonetically pronouncing a few words and memorizing the meaning of what those words are. It's awesome!

It's pretty amazing to glance at the Hebrew Old Testament and realize, this is the language that God began His revelation in. He is truly unfathomable, yet knowable. Curious!

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Shane Vander Hart said...

Hmmm, yeah have fun with that! LOL!