Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Seminary Status @ SBTS

Well, by God's grace I am what I am... Again Lindsey and I learned humility and the sinfulness of our hearts through our circumstances. Here's a quick update for those of you that don't know what's been Going on this last year...
1) April of 2006: We put our house on the market in order to be prepared to move where God might lead to pursue education/ministry training.
2) June of 2006: Applied for the internship program at CHBC in Washington DC, and I applied for admission to SBTS.
3) September of 2006: Went to Weekender at CHBC...learned that they didn't have room for me to do the internship at CHBC the Spring of 2007...but might be able to accept me if we could sell our home and provide our own housing. With this news we listed our home with Next Generation Reality to speed up the selling process of our home.
4) December of 2006: The possibility of selling our home and moving to Washington DC for the internship Spring of 2007 was slim to none. CHBC said we are accepted for the Internship in the Fall of 2007. With this in mind I registered for full time classes with SBTS through the internet this Spring thinking that I would be able to get the discounted rate because we will be joining a Southern Baptist Church in the middle of the semester as we plan to move to Washington DC and become members of CHBC.
5) Last week I found out that there is a Covenant that I needed to complete and have turned in to SBTS by the deadline of 12/1/06 to get the discounted tuition. Almost doubling the price to take the classes that I registered for.

Summary: So we still have our house, and in order to maintain our mortgage I will need to work full time at my current job. In order to afford my classes it is looking like I will need to drop a few classes.

I'm really pretty bummed about this...but God is showing me that to make plans is arrogant...only if He wills...these things will happen. I'm being humbled, and I am thankful for Jesus and the forgiveness He has given me through His substitutionary sacrifice. If Christ is for us who can be against us!

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