Saturday, January 06, 2007

Schedule Spring of 2007

I was just reading a a friend's blog post on his schedule and thought that I'd share my schedule for this upcoming semester. If you could pray for me I would really appreciate it. I'm taking 14 credit hours and trying to work a 40 hour a week job. I'm a little anxious and I anticipate many late nights.
(1) Elementary Hebrew: Duane A. Garrett
An introduction to the Hebrew of the Old Testament, including basic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

(2) Written Communication: Marsha Omanson
To help improve writing style and develop a sense of confidence, a degree of competence, and criteria for evaluating writing and writing of others. Review of basic mechanics of writing (grammar, punctuation), a review of composition skills, and an introduction to specific needs for writing in seminary.

(3) Introduction to Missiology: Dr. George H. Martin
An evaluation of missiological thought with a veiw to developing a contemporary theology of mission: the what, why, and how of missions.

(4) Introduction to Church History II; The Reformation and the Church in the Modern Period: C. Brand
Focus is on four major areas of study in the modern period: the history of Protestantism, the origin and history of Baptists, the history of Roman Catholicism, and American church history.

(5) Introduction to Christian Philosophy: T. Cabal
A study, in historical, perspective, of the basic issues in the philosophy of religion.

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Shane Vander Hart said...

What seminary are you taking classes from?