Saturday, November 04, 2006

What's in a Name?

A good quote to inspire reflection on names! Do you know what your name means? How do you name your children? Do you know what God's name(s) mean? Do you know the different names of God given in Scripture? I hope to post a little on this over the next week:)
"A name is an indication of the bearer, an appelation according to this or that attribute which he reveals and by which he may be known. Between the name and its bearer there is a certain connection, and this connection is not arbitrary. Even among us though names have for the most part become sounds without meaning that connection is felt. A name is something personal: it is not a mere number. It is always more or less unpleasant to have one's name mispelled. Our name stands for our honor, our worth, our personality, our individuality. That connection between the name and its bearer was more evident when names still had a transparent meaning, when they actually revealed the bearer (my emphasis)."

[Bavinck, Herman The Doctrine of God Translated by William Hendricksen. Pp. 83 The Banner of Truth Trust copyright 2003]

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Steve Burlew said...

Ahhhh - quoting from "The Doctrine of God," and currently reading, "Evangelicalism Divided" ... Now that must indicate a Banner supporter! Thanks for sharing this. If those of us who work at Banner U.S.A., can be of anyway help, let us now.
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