Thursday, November 30, 2006

Recent Books

Well I've read a bunch of books in the last couple months...I'm not going review each of them, but I'll drop a comment for each one.
Evangelicalism Divided [Banner of Truth] Iaian Murray: This book opened my eyes to the context of Christianity we find ourselves in today.

Christianity and Liberalism [Eerdmans] J. Gresham Machen: Amazing book!

Humility [Multnomah] C. J. Mahaney: Very practical book.

Richard Sibbes [Mercer University Press] Mark Dever: Pretty Academic. It was edifying to see how Sibbes approached different theological topics. All that I have to say is that Dever is so accurate on correcting other author's misrepresentations of Sibbes that it's almost painful!

Knowing God [IVP] J. I. Packer: Excellent book!

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