Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Washington DC Pictures

Here are some pics of me with some of the pastors from Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

Matt Schmucker the Director of 9 Marks ministry. Matt's the one that hooked me up w/ all the free books. He was a very gracious brother.

Michael Lawrence associate pastor at CHBC. It was fun to play name that jazz musician in his office;) Check out the series of sermons he did on Biblical Theology...they're awesome! [Creation, Fall, Love, Sacrifice, Promise.] He might be working w/ Crossway to publish these in the future.

Mike Gilbart-Smith and his wife Hanna were excellent hosts. They're from it was fun to have lamb and tea! They hosted three of us and they have two children. They even hosted a member of CHBC one night. That's 8 people staying in one house. They were great! Check out Mike's sermon on Philemon here from a few weeks ago.

Mark Dever, who is the senior pastor of CHBC. He's written a bunch of books, and speaks at tons of conferences. His latest sermon series on the book of Ruth was great. Check it out [Ruth 1, Ruth 2, Ruth 3, Ruth 4.] It was great on Sunday evening...we were up until 2am talking about theology and church situations and he fell asleep in his chair:) All of these guys worked extremely hard all weekend. It was amazing.

Here are some of the cliche pics...but I had to get a few in front of the Capitol and the Washington Monument:)

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