Monday, October 09, 2006

Favorite Blurbs From DG

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the Desiring God conference 'Above All Earthly Powers'. I took these from my some of these might be paraphrases...but I'm pretty sure most are exact quotes:)

David Wells
"Jesus isn't great, He's incomprable."
"Christ is re-railing the universe."
"In Christ's work on the cross the very back of evil is broken."
"We live in the period of the already and the not yet."
"It is God's pleasure that He be acknowledged for who He is now!"
Tim Keller
"[Regarding the Emergent Church] This movement won't last without institutions."
"[Summary of Emergent thinking] Authentic relationships trump truth."
"The west is an ex-mission mission field."
"The demon is deeper."
"As the city goes, so goes the culture."
"We should be hobobs."
"Theology, all of it, must be an exposition of the gospel."
"If I'm saved by grace there's no limit to what He [God] can ask of me."
"Who's exclusive beliefs cause me to be humble and to love their opponents?"
"Are you insulting your Creator by your low expectation of evangelism in your cities?"

Vaudie Bauchman
"Narrative is not normative."
"You are the crowning glory of the creation of God."
"You are what the creator of the universe says you are."
"We possess the answer and we are possessed by the answer."
"How dare you steal His [God's] air."

Mark Driscoll
"Jesus is HOT in pop culture."
"I yell, God's in charge, Nighty Night. [Sleep like a Calvinist]"
"In the name of tolerance and kindness we send people to hell."
"I'm sick of talking about the kingdom and not the king."
"Relevantism not relativism."
"Seeker sensible not seeker sensitive."

D. A. Carson
"We go to heaven not to be saved, but to see God's glory."
"Worship, worship, worship."
[Carson's view of missions were very similar to some of the concepts that I learned at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Perhaps I'll write a little later about it:)]

John Piper
"His [Jesus'] joy becomes ours in His propositions."
"He [God] acts from fullness, not need."
"Seeing God's glory in our minds enables us to love Him in our hearts."
"Joy was designed by God as the deepest way to reflect God's glory.
"There is no such thing as hypocritical joy."

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Matt Proctor said...

thanks for these blurbs

I'm only through half of the messages (listening to carson right now) and am loving them.