Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well, Lindsey and I were eating dinner with my parents on Tuesday, and we were talking about my mom's first day back to school [she's an elementary music teacher]. 

Anyhow, in music class with the youngest students you usually sing things with the solfege "sol, mi, sol sol, mi" to build tension and then resolve to "doh" eventually.  This starts to train the kids, without their knowledge, about melody...etc. 

So they would sing about something that they saw in the Summer...they got to one kid and he sang "I saw a monkey wolf." [Or something like that.]  They stopped and my mom asked him to explain.  Well, he described a creature that drags children off [and I would assume eats them].  Mom correct me if I'm wrong:)

Well, we were all laughing thinking this had to be a campfire story...well I found out that there is such a think as a "Wolf Monkey" [the words are flipped around, but it could be the same thing].  But I doubt this thing eats young children.

Click here to check it out.

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