Saturday, August 05, 2006

Paper Time!

Well, blogging is going to be light for the next few weeks...and what I do blog may be sources or thoughts regarding a paper I'm writing.

Here are the topics I was given to choose from...
(1) What did the early church teach on baptism?
(2) How did the Papacy develop?
(3) What was the historical development of the New Testament canon?
(4) Compare Aquinas and Augustine on predestination.
(5) How did the Medieval view of the Eucharist develop?
(6) Compare Augustine, Aquinas, and Pelagius on original sin.
(7) Compare Anselm, Abelard, and Aquinas on the atonement.
(8) Did charismatic gifts cease to exist in the early church?
(9) Discuss Aquinas on atonement.
(10) Discuss the early developments in Christology.

I have chosen...but I'm not going to share right this second.

Out of these options what would you choose to write about? Which of these topics would you be most interested to read about?


PJ said...

What I wold chose and what would be the most interesting would probably be two different questions. I'm lazy so questions 3 or 10 would be fairly easy to answer especially with all of the DaVinci stuff lately. I would say the most interesting to me would be 6 or 8. 6 would be a little harder than 8 but probably more concrete. There you go for what its worth!

Noah Braymen said...


brother...that's worth alot