Friday, August 04, 2006

"Don't Look Now"...Footage of War

Here’s an interesting article from the Guardian today… “Don’t look Now” about “trophy videos” that many US soldiers seem to be making from the front lines of the war. I would submit that not only does is this uncomfortable for the American government but also for the American citizens…

Here’s one quick snippet as to why some of these guys are making the videos…
“So why do servicemen want to film this stuff and why do they want to share it with the folks back home ?

One filmmaker compared his material with a video game: ‘you're stepped away from reality ... you're seeing it through the camera lens.’

Another said it was the only way he could feel proud of his work, ‘like a big game hunter feels proud of his kills.’

Yet another said it made him feel good to bring the gruesome reality of a soldier's life in Iraq to those living safely behind their ‘clean, white picket fences at home’.”

These comments turn my stomach…

(1) The first compares the war to a video game
(2) The second says he’s proud of his kills
(3) The third is doing it to unsettle the folks in America

I realize these are only a few guys, but these views are really sad. We need to continue to be praying for our soldiers.

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