Thursday, March 16, 2006

Work: Part One

Here's a question for the rest of the week.

Am I content at work?

Ask yourself that question.

Initially, I would answer yes, but if I look into my heart more I see by my thoughts, actions and emotions that I'm not. If I view every aspect of my life as a God glorifying opportunity, I have to admit my attitude at work, a lot of times, is not aimed at pleasing God.

I look forward to the that bad? In a sense I would say, "Yes," and in another sense I would say, "No." It's good that I look forward to enjoying my time away from work, but I need to look forward to my time at work in the same way. It is an opportunity to take joy in serving the Lord there.

More to come on this one...this is one of the ways I think the flesh, Satan, and the world can steel our joy in Christ.

Are you content at work? Ask yourself why or why not?

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