Thursday, August 09, 2007

DC Date Idea #1

Lindsey and I went out tonight and had a great time. It wasn't really a date, but a fun night that we were able to enjoy together.

God is gracious. I have been reading a lot and was tired late today. Well, the elders meeting we were supposed to have until 11:00 or midnight was cancelled. Then I was supposed to pick up pastor Mark from the airport but the flight was delayed...then cancelled. So Lindsey and I were able to get the 'ol bikes out and go on a ride.

We rode west about five blocks and around the north side of the Capitol building and down the hill. Up the north side of the mall. There were tons of people out on the mall playing baseball and kickball. We rode on the north side of the Washington Monument...crossed onto the south side, took a glance at the White house to the north, then went by the WWII memorial...then we crossed back to the north side close to the Vietnam memorial. Then we crossed right in front of the Lincoln memorial and came back on the south side of the pool kind of by the Korean war monument, took a look accross the river at the Jefferson memorial, then rode past the WWI monument. On our way back halfway between the Washington monument and the Capitol building it started to pour rain. It was great! It's been very hot here lately, so it was great to be rained on. It was really fun, but we were soaked.

That's it. Now just read and hang out at home. What a night!

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Shane Vander Hart said...

Sounds like a fun evening. Glad to hear all is going well there.