Monday, August 27, 2007

"Cultural Contextualization"

This video is definitely something I never imagined that I would see in in Mark Dever's house. His son was helping me work on my cultural contextualization. Particularly in Germany. In case you didn't know David Hasselhoff is huge in Germany and believe it or not this is legit music video he did there. Thanks for the tip Nathan!


jwd said...

Where isn't the Hoff huge? ;)

Interesting that you're working on contextualization. Check out this video from John Piper. (Found this through the DG blog.)

Noah Braymen said...


Good point!

We aren't actually working on contextualization I think this video is actually a good reason why we have to be careful when discussing "contextualizing" the gospel. Yeah we must be all things to all people, but this video is proof that human "innovation" can be completely ridiculous and can trivialize the gospel. Especially to other cultures and future generations.

Later brother;)