Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mac or PC

Okay folks...what's better. A Mac or a PC, and why? particularly regarding laptops.


mike said...

I've been in I.T. for 13 years now. Was never a Mac person until OS X came out (the new mac operating system).

At this point, for general home use, you just can't beat a mac. The software that comes with it is great. I love iPhoto and iTunes and how all the stuff works together.

It's generally very easy to use, although not necessarily easer to use than a windows box. Some things, though are lightyears ahead. Wireless networking, for instance, is SOOOO much easier on the mac.

The only gotchas are gaming and certain very specialized programs. Also, integration with a workplace can be spotty. However, in 2.5 years I have yet to find something that I just can't do on a mac.

I will not buy any more windows PCs. The last 2 machines I have bought for personal use have been and iBook and now a MacBook.

jwd said...

I've been thinking about getting a Mac for my next laptop.

However, I think it's funny that Mike mentions that wireless networking is "SOOOO much easier on the mac." I've gotten two different Windows laptops and my PDA to work with my wireless connection without any trouble, but was unable to get the one Mac I've tried to work.

That being said, it's been a long time since I've heard anybody complain about a Mac.

Matt Proctor said...

I spent some time researching and evaluating this very subject. If you are going to be interacting with people who use Microsoft Office products, it's cheaper and more reliable (the software runs better) to go with a PC.

If you are going to use the computer for your own use, I think mac is the way to go until mac and pc become better acquainted with one another. they've made strides and I think in 5 years I'll buy a mac. But 1 month ago I bought an HP laptop and i love it!

Vista is great.

Kevin Barber said...

Such a dangerous question! Everyone has an opinion on it, but I've got to agree with Mike... I used to HATE Macs until OS X was out. I first tested the waters with some Macs I got at a very cheap price. I enjoy using them quite a bit.

Of course, PRICE is the major difference... You can get PC Hardware very cheaply and include the operating system. So if price is a major concern, you might want to go toward PC.

As far as compatibility goes, you can always get something like Parallels, or just dual-boot the mac (now that they run the same processor as a PC).

BTW, you may also want to check out used and/or refurbished Macs. Also, the Apple Store has a "Firesale" every month on the last weekend of the month.

Ryan said...

Hey Noah, I talked with Tom Wells today, and he said he has a new Macbook with dual platform. It runs both Windows and OSX--pretty sweet, but pricey, I'm sure. I have a Dell laptop, and I dig it. And they're cheap, especially if you go through the outlet store at