Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Phil Ryken Interview

9Marks ministries just posted their latest interview on their website. (Click here for a link to listen to the interview.)

Phil Ryken Interview at 9 Marks 3/31/06
Pastor of 10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA
Here’s a brief overview of the interview:
(1) Best book on the Authority of Scripture…B.B. Warfield’s collected essays on
(2) Phil's Background
(3) Maintaining a work/life balance in the ministry.
(4) Opportunities for personal evangelism
(5) Ministry in an urban area…how to handle an ever changing congregation…By
having pastors committed to the community through staying.
(6) Phil's Influences
(7) Recommended authors
a. R.C. Sproul
b. Hughes Oliphant Old
c. Etc.
(8) Vision for the future of the ministry at 10th Presbyterian Church
a. Desires to see Philadelphia evangelized through the planting of
Presbyterian churches…this is something that is already underway.
b. Wants to see growth in their internship opportunities to help more
young pastors coming into the ministry.

This is some good insight into the pastoral ministry...if your interested:)

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