Thursday, April 13, 2006

BAD THEOLOGY ALERT: On God’s Justice and Mercy

Listen for this radio spot on one of the local Christian radio stations in Des Moines. Lindsey and I were in the car the other day and she told me about one of those 30-second devotions she heard on the radio. She said a woman was talking… like a short little testimonial. Here’s the idea of what she said:
“I used to think that God was 100% merciful and 100% just…but then I went through some hard times in my life and I realized that God is way more merciful that He is just…”

I didn’t hear this quote but this is a common misconception of God. God’s attributes are equal to who God truly is. He is the most perfect form of justice that there is…also He is the most perfect form of mercy that there is. As humans it might seem easy to say something like … “There is more mercy in God than there is justice” …Christian brother and sister…it might seem that way, but that is not the case. Let us not limit God by our limited understanding of Him. To say that God is more merciful than He is just…shows us that we really don’t understand the cross. Full justice took place on that Good Friday…also full mercy took place. Don’t diminish either aspect. We are guilty as charged…Christ’s blood is the proof of justice and mercy!

Good catch Lindsey!

Let us worship the one triune God today! Give Him praise that He is fully merciful (100% mercy) and fully just (100% just)…there was more to the cross than only mercy…there was also justice…

“Merciful and Just Father forgive us of our sins! Enlighten our minds and hearts with Your Word so that we might understand…and that we Might see Your face.”

He is Risen! Let us reflect on our beautiful savior everyday!

In Christ

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