Saturday, April 07, 2007


Praise the Lord...we accepted an offer on our house LAST NIGHT! It was hard to sleep.

No doubt God is teaching us a few things! Once again, by God's grace, on good friday God gave provision! It's amazing how an offer on the house can remind you of the cross, but that's exactly what it did.

A little background. We started to try to sell our house about a year ago this week. We have struggled with depression and thoughts as to whether or not God was really calling us to do what we had discerned.

So that brings us to the last couple weeks. I didn't do very well on my last Hebrew test, so I knew I was going to have to study a lot this weekend. Also, last week I received the letter of acceptance for the internship program out at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC with two weeks to respond. Also, I received an email on Thursday that about how there is a recording studio in India that is starting that would be used for Christian music recording and recording of preaching and lectures and they need a keyboard (which we are hoping to give the funds for).

Then we met the @ the Marks' house for accountability Thursday night. We knew that a realtor was showing our house so we prayed. Then yesterday, after a pretty stressful week of school and work Linds was making dinner and we received a call that the same realtor wanted to show our house to the same couple. I was optimistic because he was asking if we had any other offers and clarifying exactly how long our house had been on the market. So we packed up everything we were doing...picked up a little and went to Starbucks while they looked at the house. The guys at Starbucks gave us free cake and coffee...and Linds and I had a great conversation. After all of that we headed back home.

We weren't hungry, so we sat down to worship the Lord in remembrance of good friday and my phone started to ring as we praying. After we prayed I turned the sound off the phone so we wouldn't be distracted. When we were through - worshipping, reading the Bible, a snippet of the Death of Death and the Death of Christ, and singing some hymns - I listened to the message. I called our realtor (around 9:15pm) and he told me the offer they made. We took about ten minutes to crunch numbers and pray about it and we countered halfway between their offer and our asking price. At around 9:35pm he told us they had accepted the counter offer and everything is contingent on how an inspection of our home goes (within seven days from yesterday).

We are elated! We still need to depend on the Lord, even though there is nothing wrong with our house (it's about two years old), but it is all in God's hands. It may not go completely through. So we are praying to be content with God's will, whatever it is. After the paperwork is signed and everything is said and done we're going to have a party! So we'll keep you informed:)

Please keep us in your prayers, because we need to figure out where to live in DC, if I'm going to take "J-term" and summer classes, what to do with all our stuff, our/Lindsey's job, insurance...etc.

Praise the Lord!

In Christ


Shane Vander Hart said...

Praise God - pretty exciting stuff!

jwd said...

That's great news! Praise God indeed!